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final holiday notice

holiday notice
I am now on holidays – a week in (hopefully) sunny Fiji. Whilst I will be able to schedule some remote support, in my absence, I have 2 trusted colleagues to take care of any emergencies. If you have Apple related issues in need of urgent attention, please call Geoff ... Read more

AppleCare – is it worth it?

The high cost of out of warranty repairs Should you buy AppleCare? In years gone by, the answer was a resounding NO! It was always pushed heavily by resellers as it increased their “attach rate”. A higher attach rate meant a cheaper buy price for the reseller. Previously, I was ... Read more

Colour Management redux

colour Management
Our most visited and searched for blog post of all time is the one from November 2009 on Print Standards and Colour Management. Since that time, new software has come out and standards have progressed. It’s time for a revisit. Below is a basic guide to implementing colour management for ... Read more

End of an era – Quark sold

Quark obituary and a personal perspective/retrospective If you have background in publishing that spans more than a few years, you would have used or seen QuarkXpress. Quark – the maker of QuarkXpress has been around since the early 80’s. I started using QuarkXpress at version 3 in 1993 whilst working ... Read more

Lion – one week on…

If you design for a living, here what works and what breaks. Adobe Creative Suite – range of issues, some cosmetic, some workflow breaking. QuarkXpress 9 – update due late August. Looks it will be the first layout tool to go full screen! Extensis Suitcase Fusion – Lion update released ... Read more

Design on a budget

The right tool for the right job What is the best tool for layout? – InDesign. What is the best tool for photo manipulation? – Photoshop. If you are a professional designer who needs to work with other companies and commercial printers the above answers are true. Today there are ... Read more

Sydney CeBit Wrap-up

Cebit has come and gone again. Here are the highlights. If you have ever attended CeBIT, it is an odd mix of companies. From Chinese suppliers trying to strike up import deals for fans, LED’s, IC’s (integrated circuits), to computer manufacturers, merchandise manufacturers, data centre cabinet/aircon/power suppliers. Firstly what WASN’T ... Read more

May Update

Welcome to the latest update of the D Revolution newsletter. We have finally launched our new website – only took since August last year!! The development is done in RapidWeaver with a few choice plugins and an iOS/HTML 5 friendly theme from NimbleHost. Javascript is used to detect the browser ... Read more

August Update

Welcome to the latest update of the D Revolution newsletter. Site update coming soon… D Revolution will soon be deploying a new website with iPhone/iPad support. This entails custom CSS as well as Javascript detection for iOS device (iPhone/iPad) If you are interested in adding support for mobile devices to ... Read more

Update for Twenty10

News from the IT and publishing industries Adobe Creative Suite 5. Adobe will most likely announce Creative Suite 5 next month – Every previous Creative Suite launch was 18 months apart. If you are looking at new machines, or needing to upgrade from CS2 or CS3, I recommend holding off ... Read more

News Break

News from the IT and publishing industries as well as a round of compatibility updates… Services D Revolution provide support and training for people involved in the publishing/creative industries. If you need equipment, training, support, workflow support we can organise it! Our preferred supplier Proton Digital, has spawned a new ... Read more

Services Update

Updates on Services and news from the IT and publishing industries Services Just a reminder, D Revolution has rolled out several new services over the course the last 9 months. We now offer the following; cPanel and Plesk webhost administration Migration services to Google Apps iPhone setup, integration and training ... Read more

Open Souce goodies

Introducing several new D Revolution technological solutions. Xero online accounting to replace MYOB AccountEdge. After a trial and conversations with the developer D Revolution has ditched MYOB and taken up residence on the Cloud. We are now using xero for our accounting. For our clients, this means faster billing and reporting as ... Read more

PC Support

D Revolution has expanded. After 10 years we are branching out! We can now offer professional Windows support along side our current offerings. If you need help integrating mac’s into PC environments or PC’s into mac environments, we can help. We are also working on integrating Entourage 2008 and Exchange ... Read more

Help Desk

Introducing the new D Revolution Help Desk D Revolution is proud to introduce a new web based Help Desk system. All clients will be able to log in, submit a support request and track it’s progress via the website and email. This new system will allow companies to track how ... Read more