Lion – one week on…

If you design for a living, here what works and what breaks.

Adobe Creative Suite – range of issues, some cosmetic, some workflow breaking.
QuarkXpress 9 – update due late August. Looks it will be the first layout tool to go full screen!
Extensis Suitcase Fusion – Lion update released August 1. Still debating if it fixes the font issue in Safari.
Linotype FontExplorer – Waiting for Lion and CS5.5 compatibility.
QuickPrint/PageStore – Waiting answer from AdStream.

Some random observations.

Since OS X programs like TextEdit now auto-save, I am finding I am using textedit almost like “Stickies”
That is, I am keeping random bits of information in multiple unsaved files – a bit like Evernote.

I am finding I am using gestures all the time. From swiping left to see Dashboard, to swiping up to see Mission Control, to pinch to zoom to increase text size in Safari.
Looks like there is finally a decent use for Magic Trackpad.
NOTE: If you use a trackpad, buy a PogoStylus and Inket to turn it into a Wacom tablet replacement – will be trying that in the coming weeks.