Protecting against DNSchanger – time is running out.



DNSchanger is a common walware that has been affecting mac/pc/linux since 2009.
Whilst it does not directly affect the computer, it does alter DNS records.
It does this by silently changing the DNS server on the computer to malicious one controlled by the the cyber thieves..
The FBI did take control of a lot of the malicious DNS servers, but have left them running.
The reason is, if the servers were turned off, anyone affected would loose internet access as they could no longer resolve internet addresses.
These DNS servers will be taken offline on July 9, 2012.
D Revolution has added DNSchanger detection to our website - (courtesy of of CDN Cloudflare)
If you are infected, there will be a pop up with details on how to remove the malware.
If you have ANY questions, please contact us.