Sky is falling! just removed a virus from a mac!!

This week I removed my second malware from a mac – the end is nigh.

The malware was the much publicised MacDefender – it took more time to setup the remote session then it did to quit the Malware, trash it and delete the login item.
As a bit of background, I have setup and maintained in excess of 1500 Apple workstations , the majority of them since I setup D Revolution in 1998.
In all that time, I have personally removed 2 OS 9 viruses that infect windows shares on on Harlequin RIP’s and 2 OS X pieces of Malware.
The first Malware was a DNS changer which consisted of an Internet plugin (disguised as a codec for watching “certain movies”) and this weeks MacDefender.

Contrast this with one of my clients that runs a mixed network. In the last 6 months, I have had to send out Windows contractors to delete viruses on Window XP and Vista machines with fully up to date commercial anti-virus programs. Luckily they have not been hit with a bootsector virus or ransomware yet…