Support can be paid in several ways including direct deposit, cheque, PayPal and credit card and EFTPOS.

Every invoice supplied by D Revolution has a "Pay Now" link that allows you to pay using either your Credit Card, directly from your PayPal account. There are also details for direct bank transfer.

There are also discounted options for pre-paid and pay on the day.
D Revolution is a consulting company and does not resell goods, but if you need quotes, we are happy to help

Alternatively, you can directly contact our preferred reseller below.

Call Leigh Barnett on 02 8977 5500 or email [email protected]


ingogo now is a new Point of sale system the size of an iPhone.

D Revolution is part of a pilot program testing the new service + device. As such we can offer a discount if paying on the day by using a "CHIP and PIN" credit card.