August Update

Welcome to the latest update of the D Revolution newsletter.

Site update coming soon…

D Revolution will soon be deploying a new website with iPhone/iPad support.
This entails custom CSS as well as Javascript detection for iOS device (iPhone/iPad)
If you are interested in adding support for mobile devices to your website, please contact us!

Official Google Apps Reseller.

We are now a proud Google Apps reseller. After trialling Google apps for D Revolution, then deploying for alot of our clients, we have now taken the next step in reselling Google Apps.
This allows us better support people on Google Apps with direct phone and email support via the Google Enterprise Portal.
If you are thinking of moving your emails to “the cloud”, or wanting to move up from the free unsupported version of Google Apps to the full featured Premier version, contact us!

With the Google Apps Marketplace, you can extend Google Apps, from CRM, helpdesk, bookings website, workflow automation – take a look.

New company depreciation rules bulk billing option.

The end of financial year has past once again and the question always is should we purchase new equipment now, or wait.
Starting July 1, small businesses (less than 2M turnover) can depreciate 100% of the cost of new equipment worth less than $10000 in the year it was purchased – instead of the previous 3 year schedule. Please – ask your accountant for advise!!

If you have a large project looming and need help, take advantage of our bulk billing to get discounted support credits to use when you need them. If you would like to take up our bulk billing offer – please contact us!

Adobe CS5 issues.

No software comes out without bugs these days – especially something with a huge code base like Adobe CS5.
Updates have now been released fro Bridge, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamwaver and Photoshop.
To get the updates, in any CS5 application, go to > Utilities > Check for updates…

Font Management.

FontExplorer Pro X and Suitcase have now released updated plugins for CS5 to allow for correct activation of fonts.
If you are running FontExplorer (free version), you will need to buy the Pro version. People already on FontExplorer X Pro get a free update.
If you are running Suitcase, you will need to buy the latest version – Suitcase Fusion 3. Call us or Proton Digital for a quote.

Asset Management.

Finding the correct image, layout, illustration is critical today and is a major problem for most small designers and advertising agencies.
The usual method revolves around everybody in the company naming files in a consistent manner and storing them with the job or a linked “master folder”.
Retrieval is usually by searching through where the file is “supposed to be”. When the file is not there or a previous version – you get chaos!
We can setup and deploy ResourceSpace to help catalogue and present your assets in a meaningful way.
The latest update has also included hooks for a shopping cart – so you can charge clients to download assets – a key for image warehousing for photographers.
Contact us if you you would like to see a demo.