D Revolution is a specialist in the field of graphic arts and creative design with over 20 years experience.
We offer a complete range of services for the creative professional including; server and workstation installation, setup and maintenance, network planning and setup, web and email hosting.
We also provide specialised training in PrePress applications, proofing systems, DTP technology, PDF implementation and graphics applications (QuarkXpress, Adobe products, font management).


The philosophy of D Revolution is to allow companies to become self sufficient.
We can help you achieve this goal through scheduled support contracts, casual support for when things go wrong, staff training and getting the right advice on current technology and directions for the future.
Small companies can benefit by outsourcing their IT needs, larger companies can utilise scheduled support to free their support staff from mundane tasks and focus on larger projects.


We provide fast, efficient service of the highest standard which is the most affordable on offer.
There are 2 types of support offered, un-scheduled and pre-paid bulk support credits

Unscheduled support is a reactive service for when things go wrong, it is charged on an houly basis

Bulk support is discounted, pre-paid support credits that can be used when needed and do not expire.

This represents a saving of over 20%.

NOTE: Support is for a minimum of 2 hours per visit.
A call-out fee is applicable to companies outside the Sydney Metropolitan area.


We can supply onsite tailored training incorporating course notes.
One to one tailored training provides the highest level of interaction and is the most beneficial.
This is charged at $200 per hour.
Group training is useful for larger training needs, retraining for new applications and workflows.
This is charged at $2160 for up to 4 people for a 6 hour day.
NOTE: One to one training is for a minimum of 3 hours per visit.
A $90 call-out fee is applicable to companies outside the Sydney Metropolitan area.
If you require other training schedules, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.