Month: August 2011

Colour Management redux

colour Management
Our most visited and searched for blog post of all time is the one from November 2009 on Print Standards and Colour Management. Since that time, new software has come out and standards have progressed. It’s time for a revisit. Below is a basic guide to implementing colour management for ... Read more

End of an era – Quark sold

Quark obituary and a personal perspective/retrospective If you have background in publishing that spans more than a few years, you would have used or seen QuarkXpress. Quark – the maker of QuarkXpress has been around since the early 80’s. I started using QuarkXpress at version 3 in 1993 whilst working ... Read more

Lion – one week on…

If you design for a living, here what works and what breaks. Adobe Creative Suite – range of issues, some cosmetic, some workflow breaking. QuarkXpress 9 – update due late August. Looks it will be the first layout tool to go full screen! Extensis Suitcase Fusion – Lion update released ... Read more