Open Souce goodies

Introducing several new D Revolution technological solutions.

Xero online accounting to replace MYOB AccountEdge.

After a trial and conversations with the developer D Revolution has ditched MYOB and taken up residence on the Cloud.
We are now using xero for our accounting.
For our clients, this means faster billing and reporting as well as PayPal credit card processing.

All PDF invoices have a “Pay online now” link which takes you directly to the secure PayPal site.
You can of course still pay via cheque or direct deposit – whichever is more convenient.

The service so far has been excellent and the support responsive and helpful.
We would definitely recommend this over MYOB AccountEdge (which is now owned by a Venture Capital firm)

Installation and support of Open Source packages.

We are now offering installation and support on the following Open Source packages.
so far, the list of supported packages include:


This is the best open source web based mailing list manager available.
It has the same feature set as paid for services like campaignmonitor and mailchimp.
With PHPList, you can effectively communicate with your clients via email on a regular basis and also manage things like subscription, un-subscription, multiple lists, multiple email templates all from a website either running on premises or with your cPanel WebHost.
If you need to handle 100 contacts or 30,000, this software will handle it.
Contact us for a demo account on our secure server.


This is the best of breed D.A.M (digital asset manager) with features to rival Cumulus Web Publisher Pro or SeeFile.
With ResourceSpace, you can upload virtually any kind of content to be accessible to your clients using a web browser.
Files supported include; illustrator photoshop, indesign, acrobat, word ,excel, powerpoint, postscript/eps, movie files of most formats, sound files of most formats and the list goes on…
You the have control over who sees what, if they have access to original files or watermarked versions, if they can order files from you for delivery, low resolution previews, automatic thumbnail galleries.
Contact us for a demo account on our secure server.


This is a great example of a simple Ruby on Rails application used to track time and jobs via a simple drag and drop website. You can even subscribe to iCal feeds so your calendar has the latest updates from the website.
There is also a wealth of graphical reporting on things like how many things are done per month, average time to close etc…
Contact us for a demo account on our secure server.


Whilst this is not open-source, if you need to track issues within your organisation  – this is the answer.
The licence is free for one technician and the application is licensed per technician after that.
Please use the logins provided by D Revolution to our help desk here for example.

We have been using all the above tools for at least 9 months for most of our mission critical tasks.
If you have suggestions on other Open Source tools you would like us to support like SugarCRM etc – please let us know.


Currently, with the slow economic climate, business are holding off capital purchases like computers etc…
Whilst this is an important way to improve you cash position, it does mean the equipment you have will have to be used for a longer term.
If the technological tools that drive your business – eg: your computers/servers fail – so does your business.
Spend the time making sure your machines are optimally maintained, either by someone in-house or through a specialist IT consultant working in the same industry/market as you.

Email Newsletter

We have switched from a hosted version of PHPList to one running on our own secure server.
In the process we did loose the mailing database.
This means if you receive this email after you previously unsubscribed, we apologise.
Please unsubcribe using the link at the bottom and you will receive no further newsletters.

Stay tuned for more information…

All services supplied by D Revolution are subject to a 10% GST, and include a Tax invoice.