Backup – A cautionary tale…

What would happen if you lost all your data?

Recently, a client called me in because their computer was running slow.
Ended up that their hard disk was failing with bad blocks – parts of the disk that become unreadable.
The disk was becoming more unusable by the minute, so we sent the disk of for data recovery.
Recovery was handled by Payam Data Recovery – they have been – BY FAR – the best data recovery firm I have dealt with in 15 years.
I have had clients spend from a few hundred dollars to a over $2000 to recover data from dead and deleted disks.
Add to that, being offline for a few days followed by more fees for someone like me to re-setup the machine and put back all the recovered data in the correct spots – it can be quite an experience.

Ask yourself;
Do you have current backup and is it readable?
Are there offsite copies in case of fire/theft?
If any of the above answers are NO – contact us