iCloud, online sync/backups and a few nuggets from the interwebs

Firstly – apologies for having been offline the last fortnight. Simply a case of have too much work and nowhere near enough time!

iPad Software Pick of the Week.

Release Me – a simple model release app for photographers.
See a good review here
Whilst the software is expensive, it would match up really well with Phase One Capture Pilot for iPad.
Also if you are shooting people professionally (photography that is – not assassin or mob/yakuza hit man) model releases are a fact of life.

Related Bonus Pick.

Capture Pilot for iPad allows remote viewing of shoots from capture One Pro which is normally tethered to a canon DSLR or a nice expensive digital back from Mimaya/Leaf , Hasselblad or Phase One.
Combine the two iPad apps and in a studio setup, you can be shooting tethered whilst getting releases digitally signed and rating shots all from an iPad.

iCloud and online backups.

This morning, I updated to iOS 5 for my iPhone4. Tonight will do the OS X 10.7.2 and iPad updates.
There are plenty of reviews flooding in, this is just a few initial impressions and thought.

1. Leave plenty of time!
The process of downloading the update from iTunes then the multiple steps of backup, update and restoration of data and apps takes a long time!
For my 32GB iPhone 4 with 3GB free space, the whole process took a little ever 2 hours.

2. If you have an Exchange account for email (like with Google Apps) enable banner notifications for Mail in the new notifications centre.

3. Upgrade Mac OS X 10.7.2 using the combo updater – it’s huge, but I have had less issues with combo updates instead of the smaller delta updater listed in software Update.

Stay tunes – will update with a further post after a thorough test…