Sydney CeBit Wrap-up

Cebit has come and gone again. Here are the highlights.

If you have ever attended CeBIT, it is an odd mix of companies.
From Chinese suppliers trying to strike up import deals for fans, LED’s, IC’s (integrated circuits), to computer manufacturers, merchandise manufacturers, data centre cabinet/aircon/power suppliers.

Firstly what WASN’T there…

This year saw a big decrease in NAS (Network Attached Storage) as well as alot of the SAAS (software as a service) providers like SugarCRM, SASSU were missing. Also missing was alot of the larger networking providers like Netgear and TPLink which was a surprise.

What did catch my eye…

EnBox Anti-Spam
An Australian company doing cloud based Anti-Spam – that is intercepting spam before it ever reaches your mailserver.
The interesting angle is they charge per domain, not per user like everyone else (like the Google owned Postini which we use).
Large companies with 500+ employees can pay the same per month as companies with 3 employees.

uRemote home automation
Control your home theatre including Foxtel, free to air, radio, mac, set top box from an iPhone or iPad – Cool!

TMS Offsite Data Storage
Not sexy, but important – offsite storage of removable media (tapes, disks even servers for disaster recovery.
They come to you and organise all the swapping of media for offsite storage in a “Vault” – I will get a tour of the vault in the coming weeks.

FitzBox full featured router
High quality brand from Germany. Feature and price wise look very nice. One concern for Apple users is the remote VPN access has to be setup from a Windows PC. I am organising a test model from the distributor PCRange to put it through it’s paces (like ALL equipment recommended by D Revolution)

OneSaaS integrate all you Saas applications
A portal that can synchronise data between all your different SaaS/cloud applications.
Send you HighRise client data to PayPal then forward it to xero – very powerful.
I will be signing up next week to test integration between the online products we use and maybe pay for a few extra integrations to our helpdesk etc…