May Update

Welcome to the latest update of the D Revolution newsletter.

We have finally launched our new website – only took since August last year!!
The development is done in RapidWeaver with a few choice plugins and an iOS/HTML 5 friendly theme from NimbleHost.
Javascript is used to detect the browser and separate CSS is used to display versions of the website suitable for iPhone/iPad or a standard desktop browser on Mac or PC. This is becoming more important with the rise of browsing from phones and tablets.

The 2 plugins used on the site are;
Stacks and PlusKit which together make for a nice reusable template system which we can have multiple prebuilt content areas like footers, sidebars and import them to any page using a line of text.

All this means is we have a modular website that is easy to update with none of the security issues often seen in CMS systems like Mambo, Joomla or WordPress. – want to find more – contact us.

Reprint of sad news from a long time reseller and good friend – Ross Pappas of Proton Digital

I’m sad to inform you that after 10 years as an Apple Reseller, Apple have terminated my reseller status because my office is set up in a residential address.
Although the last 10 years was not an issue for Apple, Apple have now set new policies requiring resellers to operate from commercial premises.
Fortunately we saw this coming, so 2 years ago we set up to compensate for what was coming.
Officially Apple have given Proton Digital until 21st May 2011, thereafter we will not be able to facilitate any orders for “Apple branded” products.

Where does that leave our customers?

1. You can either deal directly with another Apple reseller

2. Deal with any Apple Store

3. Deal directly with Apple Business Sales Division (for Commercial Customers only)

Should you decide to approach Apple Business Division directly, I recommend contacting David Stone from D Revolution who is an IT consultant in Sydney.
Since informing David of the above, David has contacted Apple Business to facilitate his customers directly with Apple. I’m certain David will be happy to furnish you with the contact details at Apple.
I have referred David to many customers in the last 10 years for onsite technical support & installation. David has been outstanding in his profession.

David’s contact number is 0414 310 999 or email [email protected]
I highly recommend David if you require future onsite support & installation requirements.

However, don’t forget – we have our new online store –

Primarily was set up to cater for data storage products such as internal drives, external drives, RAIDS and so on.
New categories have been added such as Networking, Monitors & Calibrators, Photographic printers, Software for Apple Computers, UPS Solutions, Audio, and so on.

So although we won’t be selling “Apple branded” products – we will continue to supply a range of products compatible with Apple computers.

Let me conclude by thanking you for your support in supplying Apple computers in the past.

Your business was very much appreciated. We look back with pride in our achievement.

We hope that you will continue to support us through our new IT venture at

Google Apps deadline – get an account before May 10.

Google have made changes to new Google Apps accounts.
Starting May 10, any new Google Apps free accounts can have up to 10 users (down from 50) before needing to upgrade to Google Apps for Business ($50 US per user, per year).

This means if you are considering Google Apps and might at some point need more than 10 email addresses, sign up NOW!
Even if you don’t want to use GMail yet, with Google Apps, you can start exploring Google SItes, Google Docs or Google Calendar. Contact us for more information.

Industry News

Adobe have announce a new Creative Suite – version 5.5
Also announced was a revision to the release schedule with major releases happening roughly every 2 years (an increase from usual 18 month cycle) whilst minor releases every intervening year.
Whilst on the face of it, adding new features every year sounds great – both minor and major releases will be paid upgrades.
Add to that Creative Suite on average becomes a stable platform 6 to 9 months after release of a raft of free updates coupled with the policy of only allowing the products to only save back one version, this new policy will cost the creative industry a great deal.

Filed under “barn door closes after horse has bolted” Quark has released QuarkXpress 9.
Whilst it does look like a solid upgrade for current QuarkXpress users, unfortunately, there aren’t too many in Australia any more!
For some background, I was lead tech support for QuarkXpress at Mitsui Computer when version 4 was released.
I provided support designers, printers and PrePress across Australasia.
When D Revolution started in 1998, I had 2 companies that used InDesign with everyone else using QuarkXpress.
These days, I have 2 companies left that work mainly in QuarkXpress!

It should be noted, for regimented workflows like magazine and newspaper, study after study show QuarkXpress to be the most efficient tool for the job of layout.