Cloud Storage and Collaboration


Egnyte Cloud File Server is an enterprise-class online storage system that provides businesses with the security and reliability of traditional file servers, without the complexity and cost. The Cloud File Server enables easy access sharing and collaboration for your files from any device.

  • Accessibility of the Cloud

    Egnyte Cloud File Server provides a centralized file repository for all collaborative efforts. Files stored online are easily accessible from anywhere with any computer, smartphone or tablet. Files can be instantly shared with partners and clients using shared folders, web links or FTP. All this can be accomplished without the need to open up firewalls or setting up VPN.

  • Unlimited Capacity

    Unlike local storage systems, online storage requires no hardware. Storage capacity can be instantaneously increased; taking out guesswork for IT. No hardware also means no setup or maintenance; data security is completely taken care of through Egnyte's compliant datacenters.

  • File Sync and Share

    Egnyte provides desktop and mobile device sync capability to keep your files synced across multiple devices. The Cloud File Server maintains a copy of all files and changes made on each file. You can easily share these files with employees and business partners with complete audit of each access activity.

  • Archive and Backup

    Files residing in Egnyte Cloud File Server are protected under multiple levels of data security and redundancy. Not only are the files stored in the cloud encrypted, Egnyte also maintains multiple copies of each file. In the event of local data loss, such as lost or damaged computers, files are always available online, accessible from any device.