Help Desk

Introducing the new D Revolution Help Desk

D Revolution is proud to introduce a new web based Help Desk system.
All clients will be able to log in, submit a support request and track it’s progress via the website and email.

This new system will allow companies to track how many support requests are made, how quickly they are acted on and most importantly, how fast the problem is resolved.
FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) will be an important part of this system. Whenever a ticket is logged, a growing list of FAQ’s will show questions and answers to similar helpdesk queries.

If you have tech support questions you want answered, email us and it will be added to the FAQ’s.
Over time, we want this to be the first place anybody looks for help. You will be able to fix alot of issues BEFORE calling anybody!

The login page is at and all connections are over a secure connection for your safety.
A follow up email will provide individual login details for each person. Please contact us if you dont receive the email.

Holiday Notice

A quick reminder that D Revolution is on holidays from Friday 12th December until Friday 19th December.
If you need work done, call soon a book a time.


The quiet time between mid December and mid January is the perfect time to complete IT projects that there simply isn’t enough time for during the year.
Now is a good time to upgrade workstations, servers networks – especially in light of the falling Aussie dollar. Most suppliers are increasing prices by %15 to %25 before the end of the year.

Call us to arrange quotes and snap up equipment before the price rises.

Stay tuned for more information…
All services supplied by D Revolution are subject to a 10% GST, and include a Tax invoice.