Holiday Notice and a little geekdom

Bula – D Revolution is taking a short holiday!

After a year of being “overworked and undercaffeinated”, “burning the midnight oil”, “burning the candle from both ends“, insert witty saying here – D Revolution is taking a short holiday.

From Thursday 15 September to Friday 23 September I will be sunning it up at Malolo Island – Fiji.
An 8 day holiday is the longest holiday I have had since September 2000 when I was married in Fiji!

Within reason I will still be answering emails and returning phone calls – but will be unavailable for onsite visits of course.
Being a geek, I will be able to offer remote support via a range of software.

If you have a VPN setup by D Revolution, I will be able to directly take control and fix most problems.
This will be done whilst sipping a piña colada next to the pool using an iPad.

The iPad will be running LogMeIn Ignition. This will let me remote control the D Revolution Server which is connected by VPN to a majority of my clients. Apple machines will be controlled using Apple Remote Desktop, windows machines will be controlled using Remote Desktop Connection.

If you don’t have a VPN, you will need to install LogMeIn Free.
NOTE: It does require the creation of a free account first.

If you have any planned IT work – contact us to arrange a time.