News Break

News from the IT and publishing industries as well as a round of compatibility updates…


D Revolution provide support and training for people involved in the publishing/creative industries.
If you need equipment, training, support, workflow support we can organise it!

Our preferred supplier Proton Digital, has spawned a new website – I Need Storage.
If you need to purchase storage, the new website is easy to use and has great pricing.
Proton Digital now offer monitor hoods. These hoods stop ambient light hitting the screen and are pretty much essential in any colour managed workflow – especially now that Apple use reflective glass screens!
D Revolution can help with calibration and colour management training, but unless you control the lighting – it is all wasted!

Please note: Whilst D Revolution has no affiliation with Proton Digital, we do use them most for our quotes as the owner Ross Pappas has been the most reliable and honest reseller we have dealt with in 11 years of operation.

News and updates

Space to share in Chippendale studio with small graphic design company.

Warehouse with wooden floors and exposed beams, lots of light, air-conditioned, close to Central, good security. Area approx. 6.0m x 2.5m, suit 2-3 people. Use of meeting room, kitchen, toilet, some storage. Desks in pics are temporary.
For more details call Ken 0407 211 986 or email [email protected]

Apple releases OS X 10.6.1.

This is the first update since the the release of Snow Leopard.
All the major upgrades are paid new versions – 10.5 to 10.6. All the minor updates are free – 10.5.5 to 10.5.8 and are available under the Apple Menu > Software Update.

Please note: As with ANY major system release, don’t go out and install it on a machine which you use to earn a living
(especially if it’s your only machine). Whilst most programs work – things WILL BREAK.
A wiki has been setup listing compatibility of programs. Please check here before installing and give us a call!

Update on Snow Leopard compatibility for the publishing industry.

Font Explorer X Pro has been updated for compatibility with Snow Leopard – a new InDesign activation plug-in is included.

Extensis Suitcase Fusion has been updated for compatibility with Snow Leopard.

NOTE: There seems to be a font rendering bug. Whilst I have not seen it during my testing, designers are reporting type reflow across a range of programs.
For the best explanation on font technology and what is / is not needed in different versions of OS X, see this article.

AdStream Pagestore works with Snow Leopard but you cannot store your database on a AFP server.
NOTE: This restricts PageStore to local use only.
The AdStream QuickPrint plug-in for InDesign CS4 cannot see any extra installed Colour profiles – call us for a work around…

Read/Write on NTFS volumes. If you rely on reading NTFS volumes in OS X, call us BEFORE upgrading to OS X 10.6.
1. 3G NTFS – so far there have been some compatibility reports stating it is unstable – wait for official news.
2. Paragon NTFS – They have released a beta hear which is compatible (remember it is beta software so do not put on a machine without a full backup)
3. Apple native NTFS driver. You can enable read/write support in Snow Leopard using this software. (Apple disabled write support which they probably did for a reason!)

GMail updated for Exchange push on iPhone.

GMail previously could be setup as an IMAP account on an iPhone.
This meant emails were not “pushed” to the iPhone, rather the iPhone would check periodically for new emails.
Google have now implemented push by using the “ActiveSync” technology licensed from Microsoft. see this post.
NOTE: Currently, push only keeps 28 days of messages on the phone and also you cannot search for messages on the server – these issues should be resolved soon…
Call us if you need help setting this up.