September Holiday Update and more…

Welcome to the latest update of the D Revolution newsletter.

Holiday notice.

D Revolution is taking a short holiday from Monday 14th September and returning on Wednesday 22 September.
I have a wedding to attend in Queensland, but will be available for phone support or after hours remote support.
If you need onsite help, I can arrange help via my contractor network – just ask…

Fastest Support Option.

D Revolution maintains an excellent online helpdesk.
For the fastest service, as well as the ability to track all services provided by D Revolution, use our helpdesk.
The helpdesk requires a provided username/password. If you don’t have yours yet, or (shame) have forgotten it, simply lodge a ticket using the anonymous form. Provide your email address and you will emailed your username/password for future reference.

Account Executive Wanted.

Do you know someone looking to break into the advertising industry?
If so check out this link to one of my clients, it would be a really good entry role
NOTE: Link is to a PDF hosted on the D Revolution server.

If you want to get in touch with over 400+ (and growing) like minded industry professionals, contact us.

Positive experience with D Revolution? – let the world know!

If you like to spread the love, log into the Google Apps Marketplace and post a review.
You will need either a Google Apps or Gmail account.

SAAS (Software as a Service) Rumours.

D Revolution has embraced the cloud – an easy and cheap way for smaller companies to acquire technology and platforms they would find hard to justify if they had to deploy/maintain themselves. is an excellent Online SAAS Accounting package with one major drawback – no integrated payroll.
Rumour is, they will be adding payroll directly into in the coming months…

To see the advantages of cloud based computing, simply take a look at the speed at which they add features/updates to services like or Google Apps – normal purchased applications have no hope of keeping up with this level continued progress.