Interesting products at CeBIT Sydney

This week I attended the CeBIT consumer electronics show at Darling Harbour.
Whilst there was the usual array of bizarre stuff ranging from bad breath detectors to cable TV systems for companies like Foxtel, there were a few gems to be found.

ReadyNAS NV – this is well equipped NAS (network attached storage) from US company Infrant Technologies.
It features hot swap RAID 5 or RAID X with online expansion – this allows you upgrade capacity by simply dropping in larger hard disks. For a 4 drive system, this would take 2 days whilst the system was always online.
The file-system is journaled prevent data loss and can create snapshots that can be backed up to USB hard disks, it has 1000BaseT, and includes UPS monitoring.
I am hoping to test this unit in the coming weeks – stay tuned for a full report…

Mobile Data

MiniMax – this is a EVDO wireless USB modem. If your mobile is with Telstra, this would be a good way to get internet access on the road. The device is a the size of 2 boxes of matches and simply connects to your machine via USB. The network connection is CDMA, not GSM/3G so Vodafone users are out of luck (see the next item!)
The speed is broadband so expect at least 512Mb. See a Telstra store for a demonstration.

Vodafone Mobile Connect and 3G Router – If your mobile is with Vodafone, this is an excellent option to get internet access on the road for up to 5 people at once – great for onsite photo-shoots! The device is your standard wireless router, but it is for 3G/UTMS networks. Simply drop your red Vodafone Connect card in the top slot, and share your access with either other wired user or wireless users.


Wallet Flash – Something a bit different for your next marketing campaign. This device is flash storage embedded in a business card!
Your target market will be able to use this as a USB flash, you will be able to use it to distribute information to them, it can be printed double sided and inserted into a computer on either side. Because the volumes are high (starting at 300), the price per unit is low.
The Australian agent is just starting up, so they will arrange import direct from Israel at this time.

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