Quark Launches Xpress 7 – not universal binary!

Quark corp have launched QuarkXpress 7 around the world.
The previous beta was a universal binary – capable of running on Intel and PPC Macs.
The released version is PPC with a free update to be released at a future date…
This release marks a watershed moment for Quark – especially in Australia. Since Adobe have taken so much market share from Quark in Australia, this release will make or break them.
As per normal, we are getting gouged on price. In the US, a full version of Xpress 7 is $749. Contrast this with Australia, the price is $1,749.00. Even with GST added, import costs, distributor and reseller mark-ups, this is an insult.
Adobe are no better, even though they have an office in Australia, not just a distributor like Quark.
Adobe CS2 Premium retails for $2600 in Australia versus $1199 US.