Secure Remote Support and Secure Client Connect

D Revolution is pleased to announce an expansion of our services.
Secure Remote Support and Secure Client Connect.

Secure Remote Support
With this service, if you need support and you don’t want or need someone on-site, D Revolution can remotely connect and fix most issues that used to require an on-site consultation.

The connection is via an encrypted VPN (virtual private network) so it is totally secure. When the work is completed a worksheet will be waiting for you on the machine that was fixed.

If D Revolution helped you connect to the internet via ADSL, you probably already have the right equipment to start using the service straight away!

This service is discounted and charged in smaller increments to save you money.

It costs $120 per hour and the minimum fee is 30 minutes.
This compares with the normal on-site support costs $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum fee.

Secure Client Connect
With this service, you can connect to your office securely from either at home or from anywhere in the world.
Copy files from your server, print out a file to the office printer whilst on holiday, do your bookkeeping.

The way it works is an ADSL2+ VPN router is installed at your workplace. At home a similar device is installed and a secure VPN setup between the locations. Software can also be installed on a laptops as well if access from the road is also needed.

This service is a one off fee for setup with no ongoing costs.
It costs $300 to setup both a workplace and also the second location.
Other locations and laptops are charged at the standard $150 fee to setup.

Both of these services require at least a hardware VPN at your office.
D Revolution offer the choice of 2 devices depending on your budget and needs.

1. Netgear DG834G – $124.
This all in one device allows connection of up to 5 hardware VPN’s.
If you only want to access your work from a fixed location like home – this is for you.

2. Netgear DGFV338 – $365
This all in one device allows connection of up to 50 hardware or software VPN’s If multiple staff need to access the office from a range of locations – this is for you.

It is also covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

D Revolution will also soon be offering Managed Networks.

Think of this service as having your own on-site IT department available 24/7 fixing devices when needed and informing you of potential issues.
This service will allow your company to get pro-active support on all devices in your network.
D Revolution will monitor and inform you in advance of issues that need addressing.
Like how much server space do we have left/how much are we using per month, is our network fast enough for the workload we place upon it, is the UPS needing it’s battery re-conditioned, are the backups running.

Stay tuned for more information…

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