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Lots of things have happened since the last news letter.
We have recently completed a company name change and change of address.
Thats right, Desktop Revolution Consulting is dead – long live D Revolution!
This links in with our domain name and also was an excuse for som funky new branding courtesy of Front Design –
We will soon be sending out printed invoices in Reply Paid envelopes to make it easier to for you to pay.
As of July we are also expanding payment options to over the phone Credit Card payments, walk in payments at Australia Post and of course the Reply Paid envelopes for cheque payments.
Later this year we are also expanding into other fields including back end database development to allow for fully interactive websites, Windows workstation support and also Service Level agreements with guaranteed response times.

Our rate sheet as of July 1 2005 is;

$150 per hour for our standard support service.
$120 for our pre-paid support service.
$180 per hour for training.
$80 per hour travel outside Sydney CBD
Please note all prices are ex GST


Apple have updated their system software to 10.41. The list of improvements is vast.
Of most interest is Automater, a visual environment to build pipelines to automate workflows.
An example would be – Resize all images, rename based on a rolling number and upload to an FTP server.

Adobe is now shipping CS2 with an update to Adobe Bridge – their image browsing platform already available.

Quark corp have updated QuarkXpress to 6.5 with 7 promised before the end of the year.
The update fixes issues including fonts in natively made pdf’s, stability, s.
The new version only works with Mac OS X and includes the ability to make PDF’s without Acrobat Distiller.

While the feature list is impressive and the reliability and quality of output have proved themselves over may years, the new version has a major snag.
Single versions of QuarkXpress 6 must be activated after installing on a computer. The activation code is based on the hardware it is installed on. You will not be able to install the same version on multiple workstations and move work around like before. If you are considering QuarkXpress and need more than 5 copies, give us a call and we can organise a site licence.
Quark do offer secondary licences to allow you to use the one copy of QuarkXpress on both a work machine and also a laptop/home machine – contact Modulo Systems directly on 1800 670 973 to organise.
A site licence means you do not need to activate the software. You can install it on as many machines as required and the licence will determine how many users can use the software.

Virtually all printer manufacturers with the exception of the RIP supplier EFI are now shipping printers with Bonjour support. This allows them to be setup as TCP/IP printers in Mac OS X (at least a 300% speed improvement over Appletalk) by simply plugging in the printer and turning on.


Want to find the address of a colleague in AddressBook – download the AddressBook plugin “Whereis 1.6” and “Whereis Directions 1.6”.
Once installed simply press the “Work” or “Home” label to get the options “Whereis map of…”, Whereis directions from” and Whereis directions to” – viola!

Mac OS X is being updated on a regular basis due to its UN*X underbelly. It makes sense to keep your system up to date.
The best way to do this is using Apple’s combo updaters. They are much bigger – usually 80Mb+ but they are the safest most reliable update method. They are not available via software update and must be downloaded from –


Doctors say “an ounce of prevention is better than the cure”. This especially true for the publishing industry with our increasingly tight deadlines. It is safer to have your equipment maintained on a regular basis then wait for a problem to take a machine out of action just when you need to send of that important job to the printers!
If you are proactive, call us for a check-up of all your computers – it might save you from missing that deadline.

Remember you can purchase blocks of 20 hours to use at your discretion at the discounted rate of $120 per hour + GST, this represents a 20% saving. This does not affect the free phone tech support we have always given.


If you need onsite training for Mac OS X or graphic applications and workflow, call us.
dRevolution – 0414 310 999 – [email protected]

If you need classroom training (especially in Adobe products) then the best training available is;
Pandy Dimitrious – Alpha Computer Consultants – 02 9299 4570 – [email protected]


Please remember, payment terms are 30 days. If you require longer terms please contact us BEFORE the invoice is due.


If you need any hardware or software, please feel free to call me contact us for advice – [email protected] then contact these resellers they have proven themselves informative and reliable.

Ross Papas – Proton Digital – 02 9524-5971 – 04 1462-4059 – [email protected]

Adam Fittler – Rochester Systems – 02 8752 6900 – 0410 505 538 – [email protected]

Trevor Newland – Rochester Systems – 02 8752 6900 – 04 1942-2234 – [email protected]

Oliver Jean – Power-Media Systems – 02 9518-9111 – 04 0323-6609 – [email protected]

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